Welcome to Prom UK

Welcome to Prom UK, your brand new online magazine and community dedicated to everything prom, whether you have already had your prom or are preparing for it.

At Prom UK we want to help you have the best day by giving you ideas (and links to shops) so you can find your perfect dress, shoes, hair/make up and even the transport to get you to your prom.

We understand your prom is your special day and as such it should be something you remember for ever.

So, if you are preparing for your prom or have had a prom then Prom UK is the place for you and we would love for you to share your pictures and experiences.

We will be sharing competitions and events with all members, so if you know of any we may of missed then please drop us an email at info@promuk.co to let us know.

We are building a database of businesses that offer everything from dresses to transport and even photobooths, so keep coming back to see what is new.

Every person that joins will be given a complimentary copy of 4Sight, a dashcam app for your mobile phone. Ideal for parents and also new drivers, check out their website for full details. All we need is your car details and 4Sight will send you a link to download the app. (We will email you for your information.)

So sign up for free, enter competitions, find your dress and post up some pictures (you could even win a prize for best picture) and claim your free copy of 4Sight.

What are you waiting for, your perfect prom awaits you.

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Prom UK is a new online magazine to share your prom pictures, find your perfect dress, search for retailers in your area and enter free competitions.